ESA will organize the virtual E3 video game fair in 2021

ESA will organize the virtual E3 video game fair in 2021


One of the most anticipated events of the year by the video game industry and fans will be the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), organized by the Entertainment Software Association (ESA). But this time it will be held online, due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the low probability that the virus will decline during 2021.

According to the Videogames Chronicle, ESA is pushing plans for a digital event in the middle of the year, but it still requires the backing of major video game companies. According to the E3 2021 launch documents ESA is trying to analyze each proposal for this year’s presentation. Likewise, the organization intends to celebrate E3 from June 15 to 17, with some contests, virtual conferences, among other activities.

Likewise, the company in charge of holding E3 will allow associated companies to remotely transmit the demos of each new title to the media with scheduled meetings. Many companies have used the alternative of streaming their presentations during the pandemic and allowing the media to play each title remotely.

It should be remembered, in 2020 E3 was canceled due to the high rate of infections during the Covid-19 pandemic. When they chose to program a virtual show, it could not materialize as they did not reach any agreement with sponsors and video game companies.

While there is a possibility of viewing a fully digital E3, it is also known that you may encounter some trade-offs during its creation. This is due to the fact that some major video game developers and companies can make their own independent digital presentations, without having to pay large sums of money to ESA.

Faced with this situation, the same organization is trying to bring together unified presentations of digital games. Resulting in capturing the world’s attention more effectively than a series of smaller shows. “We can confirm that we are transforming the E3 experience by 2021, trying to bring together the global gaming community,” an ESA spokesperson explained to US media.

For now, it’s still unclear how many media outlets are subscribing to digital E3 2021, but the reality is that the most important are video game companies. Since, without them, the event could be canceled and could leave one of the most anticipated events for all gamers and the video game industry in general at total risk.