Apple's iPhone 13 will get 1TB of storage

Apple’s iPhone 13 will get 1TB of storage


The most extensive version of the iPhone 13 will soon be available with no less than 1 TB of storage. Never before has an iPhone had so much storage.

iPhone 13: 1 TB storage
The current iPhone 12 has a maximum of 512 GB of storage, but with the iPhone 13 this will soon be doubled, according to financial analysts from Wedbush. In doing so, they confirm a rumor from Front Page Tech that was already circulating earlier this year. The information would come from Apple’s supply chain.

The option is likely to be available exclusively for the more advanced (and more expensive) version of the iPhone, the iPhone 13 Pro (Max). It’s very possible that Apple is doubling down on other storage options as well. Extra storage capacity is not an unnecessary luxury if you take a lot of photos and videos. Until now, there is no iPhone with that much storage; there are already some iPad Pro models with 1 terabyte of storage.

iPhone 13
The Wedbush analysts also predict a good Apple year. They expect that the iPhone will be in high demand when the stores reopen all over the world. The iPhone 13 (or iPhone 12s) is likely to appear in September and may benefit from that. Not much is known about the specifications and innovations of the device. There is plenty of speculation about the return of Touch ID – it may then be processed in the screen. The screen would also get a higher refresh rate, namely of 120Hz, making animations look smoother. We collect the most interesting rumors about the new iPhone in our iPhone 13 file.