AR & VR Chips

Advancements in AR & VR Chips Have Opened up New Avenues for the Gaming Industry


The high economic advantages associated with the virtual and augmented reality-based solutions have made them a preferred choice in the gaming vertical indeed. This, in turn, has led to growing adoption of AR/VR in a widespread applications. Moreover, top-end advancements in technology and inception of industry-specific solutions have paved the way for numerous opportunities for the key players in the industry.

According to Allied Market Research, the AR & VR chip market is anticipated to exhibit a striking CAGR from 2019 to 2026. Widely utilized in areas such as video conferencing, AR & VR chips have come out as quite indispensable in a number of business verticals.

One of the prime applications of virtual and augmented reality technology, video game has become quite popular among individuals. In the past few years, there’s been a steep increase in the number of gamers across the globe. This, in turn, has made the smartphone manufacturing ventures shoot up the number of gaming features in their expedients, thus enhancing the overall user interface experience and staying way ahead of their contenders in the industry.

The major players operating in the market have also focused on the launch of top-notch solutions to heighten their presence across an array of different industries including transportation, mining, and oil & gas.

Keeping in line with some leaks, the AR/VR headset of Apple might hash out this year, by the month of June. As per the augmented reality analysts in the company, the new launch is going to be a whole new experience altogether than has ever been discerned before. It also consists the huge ecosystem of Apple.

An iPhone is always essential to put up an Apple Watch even though it has cellular integration, and the wearable tends to tether to the iPhone to allow complete functionality. While AirPods can fetter to any Bluetooth-enabled device, the most innovative features do call for an iPhone indeed. This all-in-one experience is also existent with other Apple services and iCloud.

Robert Scoble, a Google Glass enthusiast, has monitored AR development carefully from the time that project came to an end. Lately, in a Tweetstorm, Scoble happened to portray what he adjudged as Apple’s strategies for the next one year. An entirely new development is also expected to be arriving, which can generate photorealistic 3D avatars as well as scenes. Scoble also mentioned about the likelihood of Apple utilizing neural radiance arenas in this system, which can produce three-dimensional objects with a restricted number of snaps & shots.