How to protect yourself from digital fraud, the main cyber threat?

How to protect yourself from digital fraud, the main cyber threat?


During 2021, more than 80 percent of Mexican companies suffered at least four cyberattacks according to data provided to NotiPress by TRATO. Likewise, there was a growth of 619% in the country of ransomware. In that sense, people and companies must take precautions in order to protect themselves.

Ignacio Bermeo, founder and CEO of TRATO informed NotiPress that cyber attacks in Mexico are increasing. The objective of it, according to Bermeo, are the users and companies that leave aside the necessary measures to protect themselves.

To avoid being a victim of Internet fraud, it is necessary to take into consideration certain measures to identify either a possible fraud or a cyber attack. For this reason, it is important to learn to recognize if you are being a victim of a possible cyber fraud and discover the red flags of the most frequent models of fraud. Such as phishing, spoofing and malicious programs.

Likewise, it is necessary to know and identify the participants of the platform through which the transaction is being carried out, if it is not done on a technological platform that guarantees identity. If you know the individual with whom you are buying or selling, it is advisable to investigate it. Likewise, antivirus programs must be updated, and if the operating system does not offer free protection, it is important to consult a specialist to determine the relevant levels of protection.

For their part, companies and individuals must avoid, at all costs, giving out personal information on platforms or people they do not trust. This means that personal data should not be written in pop-up windows or on websites to which they were redirected by another web page or email.

Likewise, computers should not be on all the time to avoid sudden attacks. Also in case of contracting a subscription or applications, these must have a clear privacy notice, as well as their terms and conditions. It is important for individuals to ask all questions regarding the handling of personal data requested. As well as using advanced security measures, for example biometrics, to identify the user, sign documents and the general development of the business.

Therefore, the CEO of the company recommended using platforms with high security standards. Likewise, he said that his company implements biometric identification, the application of blockchain technology and other robust shielding techniques.