Google Assistant will come in this new Dark Mode Feature

Google Assistant will come in this new Dark Mode Feature


Google will soon launch its Assistant app in a new avatar. According to reports, the company has been testing its new design for the last several weeks, and it is said that this new design will give the app a different look and feel. Google Assistant will now get a rounded corner for all the cards.

In the new design, the panel and explore button have been placed in the bottom row of the main panel screen. On the other hand, the explore button has been shifted to the right, and the panel button is placed on the left side. 9to5 According to news published in Google, the new design for users is being updated in the Google App version v8.91.

However, some changes made to it can disturb the users. Google lens buttons and keyboard icons are placed very close to the microphone. When you tap the microphone icon, it hides the Google lens button and the keyboard icon. For lens and keyboard, you have to click the microphone icon again.

Apart from this, Google is planning to bring the Dark Mode feature in the assistant. Android Q leaks have already confirmed that Google will present its operating system with a dark mode. Apart from this, Google Assistant can be introduced in Dark Mode soon. Maps