WhatsApp enable video calls from its application in Windows 10

WhatsApp enable video calls from its application in Windows 10


After several months of development, WhatsApp begins the implementation of video calls in the application for Windows 10, although with a very small base of beta users.

2021 will be the year that video calling environments reach the necessary maturity and the quota of active users required to replace face-to-face activities, if any remain that way. WhatsApp does not want to stay in the saga of environments like Zoom, the company that leads this field, and has already begun to implement this new function in the Windows 10 application in some users.

At the end of December, WABetaInfo had already announced this progressive implementation, which allows users to initiate audio and video calls from the desktop application in Windows 10, and that this novelty will also reach the desktop interface.

Journalist Guillermo Tomoyose commented on Twitter that he already has this function in version 2.2100.7 and that, for now, the buttons that correspond to the calls section are accompanied by the BETA indication.

Until now, WhatsApp had limited this function to cell phones and the “Facebook Portal” screen. With this, the possibility of making calls using WhatsApp from the PC comes closer.