Websites Get Directives from FDA to Stop the Illegal Online Sales of Opioids

Websites Get Directives from FDA to Stop the Illegal Online Sales of Opioids


The officials of the Federal Health have issued directives to 21 websites on Tuesday to stop the sales of opioids, which are regarded not only as potentially dangerous but also are misbranded and unapproved, online because FDA considers them to be illegal.

Actions have been taken by the Food and Drug Administration, against more than 70 websites, which are into selling different versions of drugs of opioids, like tramadol. Few of the drugs, which they are selling, happen to be dangerous forms of pressed fentanyl.

The Commissioner of FDA, Scott Gottlieb told CNBC that they do notice doctors prescribing very few opioid drugs to patients, so they are concerned about the fact that an increasing number of fresh addictions will get shifted towards illegal sources and quite a large number of illegal sales are being carried out online.

On Tuesday, four businesses were targeted that included, CoinRX,,, and PharmaMedics, operating a total of 21 websites. This summer has seen the FDA undertaking a crackdown in excess of 70 websites that are selling opioids in an illegal manner, some of whom are not even the product that they claim themselves to be and in turn, come out to be pressed fentanyl.

There is a thought that has gone across the whole of America, which says that prescription painkillers have made a significant contribution towards the dangerous epidemic caused by opioid. There are people, who have made a shift towards the highly dangerous drugs of opioid, like fentanyl and heroin. Other people, who still require opioids to get their chronic pain treated, might face difficulty in getting their prescriptions filled as doctors are not willing to write them down, as they are aware of the harmful effects of the drugs.

Earlier in the year, during summer, the Food and Drug Administration had communicated to the tech companies like Google and Facebook to get down and find ways out towards curbing sales of products involving opioid drugs on their platforms. The Commissioner of FDA, Scott Gottlieb said that his agency is willing to work along with these organizations to make an attack towards the problem.