Vodafone and Disney launch Neo, the smartwatch for children

Vodafone and Disney launch Neo, the smartwatch for children


The telephone company and the Mickey Mouse house have joined forces for a project that offers children a first smartwatch with which to approach the digital world. But it is also useful for parents, to always stay in touch with their children

The alliance announced in these hours between Vodafone and Disney is based on innovation and attention to the little ones. The telecommunications company and the house of Mickey Mouse presented Neo, a smartwatch specially designed for children. It is a real smartwatch that combines functionality, design and fun, and that allows children to take their first steps into the world of digital connection and parents to stay connected with their children in total safety.

Neo uses Vodafone technology to allow children to take pictures thanks to an integrated front camera. There is also a localization and pedometer system that records movements and gives the possibility to set some goals to encourage them to do activities. Neo also allows parents to stay in touch with their children through a system of calls, chats and video messages. Communications are only allowed with approved contacts, which adults can set directly from their Vodafone Smart App; also from the application they can also manage the time in front of the screen, set a silent mode and always know where the device is. Functions such as calendar, weather, calculator and reminders allow you to better scan time and appointments.

This first digital experience is made more captivating through the characters and content made available by Disney and its various brands (Marvel, Star Wars) each junior user can customize the experience by setting an animated helper, choosing from beloved figures such as Minnie, Elsa, Buzz Lightyear, Baby Yoda and many others. Each character, modifiable as many times as you want, brings with it themed activities and ad hoc sound effects that accompany the movements. Disney animations introduce the little ones into a familiar and protected environment, and this special smartwatch represents a reliable and limited first step so that parents and children always remain connected in a safe and fun environment, but still without access to the internet or social networks.

The Neo project was born from the creative collaboration between Vodafone and Disney, with the participation of designer Yves Béhar and his fuse project team: “By combining Vodafone’s recognized skills in design and technology and the most beloved Disney characters, we have created a unique product, which will be greatly appreciated by both children and parents, ”said Lutfu Kitapci, managing director of Vodafone Smart Tech:“ Our commitment to connect our customers to the most important aspects and things in their lives drives everything we do. And there is nothing more important than staying connected with your children “. The designer Béhar also emphasizes how the design of the smartwatch was born from the “search for a balance between the needs of children and those of parents, ease of use and portability”.

From a technical point of view, the water-resistant Neo smartwatch looks like a small and versatile object, weighing just over 40 grams, a rounded 1.2-inch screen, polycarbonate body and polyurethane strap. The device, then, is equipped with a 5-megapixel camera, AOSP (Android Open Source Project) operating system and a 512 MB ram. With a battery that lasts up to 48 hours in standby, it has a communication system that allows free chat exchange of up to 150 characters, emoji, predefined texts, VoIP calls up to 5 minutes and video messages from 10 to 30 seconds, the all to be managed through the Vodafone Smart App. Neo will be available in early 2021, but it is already possible to register on the official website to be the first to receive it at a base cost of 199 euros, with other offers and promotions that will be activated depending on your tariff plans.