Google and Twitter ask employees to work from home for coronavirus

Google and Twitter ask employees to work from home for coronavirus


Two of the largest companies globally have asked employees to work from home to curb the spread of the coronavirus.

The coronavirus has kept everyone on alert for the rapid spread. The World Health Organization has officially declared a pandemic, as the total number of global cases has exceeded 118,000.

In order to prevent the spread, Twitter asked employees around the world to work from home, and Google workers were called to do the same because of the flu symptoms of one of them.

The COVID-19 or epidemic, better known as the coronavirus, has spread to every continent since its appearance in Wuhan, China in late 2019, killing more than 3,000 people.

Twitter’s decision to ask its employees to avoid going to the office is in line with the measures taken by governments in some of the areas most affected by the new coronavirus.

Google, which has operations in Seattle, has alerted Washington employees to stay safe and away from the office to reduce risks amid the coronavirus outbreak, the reach of which in the United States has been lethal with 28 people and has infected more than 800 .

According to Business Insider, Google is recommending that workers work remotely until at least April 10. However, Google offices will remain open to accommodate those workers who can only perform their duties from the office.

To this decision, Amazon has also joined, asking Seattle workers to stay at home until the end of March and that implies, approximately, 2,000 employees.

The spread of the virus has not only prompted workers to stop attending their work, but also world-class events such as E3 or Mobile World Congress 2020 have had to be canceled.

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