The Officials of CDC Urge People to Get Prepared for another Unpleasant Season of Flu

The Officials of CDC Urge People to Get Prepared for another Unpleasant Season of Flu

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Officials of CDC, the federal health department have urged people to get prepared for what can potentially become another extremely unpleasant season of flu, which can follow last year’s trend that turned out to be extremely deadly.

The estimate that has been prepared by The Centres for Disease Control and Prevention suggests that in excess of 700,000 people had to get hospitalized with flu when it had struck last year with influenza or pneumonia spreading like an epidemic for a period of 16 weeks at a stretch. Around 180 children have lost their lives from the recent period of flu. Though the vaccine to stay protected from pneumonia or influenza is not necessarily a perfect mode for prevention but still, it goes on to offer the best enough protection against what can really turn out to be a dangerous illness. Almost 80 percent of the children who had lost their lives from the last season’s flu was not vaccinated.

The CDC said on its website that Influenza has the potential to be a very serious disease, which can lead people to get hospitalized and also sometimes result in death. They went on to add that millions of people get affected by the flu every year and almost thousands expire from the all the possible causes of flu.

The typical duration of the season stretches from October and goes on till as late as May, with the problems tending to be at their peak phase in the three months period between December and February. Still, the federal agency gives out their recommendation to get vaccinated quite early and that too should be at October end prior to the approach of the time when the flu starts to spread.

Each year, the Food and Drug Administration makes a choice regarding that the flu strains that they should try to put inside flu vaccine of this particular year, based upon the suggestions from the WHO.

CDC even recommends that babies, who are older than 6 months, should get vaccinated, either through a traditional shot or by way of a nasal spray known as Flu Mist.