Samsung would change the official name of the Galaxy S11

Samsung would change the official name of the Galaxy S11


The 2020 could bring a big surprise in regards to the hitherto known as Samsung Galaxy S11, a phone that Samsung could present a few days before the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in February, and the South Korean company seems to have the intention to change the name of the equipment of your S family, and if this happens, the Note family may also have the same changes.

And so far we all know this phone as the Galaxy S11, however, the famous leak account known as Ice Universe has given new information that reveals that said phone will change its name, and now it will be Galaxy S20.

The same strategy as Huawei
This is not something new in the world of telephony, as Huawei has long been betting that each new device arrives with an integer, for example Huawei P10, P20 or P30, while other companies such as Apple or Google continue to use consecutive numbers such as iPhone 7, 8, 9 or Google Pixel 2, 3 and 4.

The reasons why Samsung would change the name of its next high-end range are not clear, nor does it mean that it is a fact, because in the end it is a leak, but we must also mention that Ice Universe is one of the most reliable in recent years in regards to leaks.

Perhaps the company will see a Galaxy S20 or S30 more attractive in terms of marketing than an S12 or S13, and if in the end it decides to change this name then the same is likely to happen with the Note family, but not with the second generation of the Galaxy Fold, which will probably end up calling itself Galaxy Fold 2 and not Galaxy Fold 20.

And it is that with more than a decade of releases of the same family, it may be good to give a change of name to the S series that makes it feel different but that does not dislodge with what we are already accustomed.

We will know all this officially in the quarter of 2020, and for now we only have to wait to see how long Samsung reveals more information about it.