Google Launches a New Game on WeChat with an Eye on the Chinese Market

Google Launches a New Game on WeChat with an Eye on the Chinese Market

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Google, through a blog post on Wednesday, said that the company had launched a game of artificial intelligence on WeChat. WeChat is China’s most prominent social media platform, owned by the country’s tech giant Tencent.

The first WeChat mini program of Google is Guess My Sketch or Caihua Xiaoge. Mini-programs refer to apps that users can directly install within WeChat, without having to use either app store of Google or Apple.

In Guess My Sketch, there is limited time given to the players for drawing any item on their tablet or smartphone. The objective is to get the software of Google’s Artificial Intelligence for correctly identifying the draw before time runs out. The play makes progress from some simple items like clouds to other complicated items like elephants.

The idea behind the game is to allow people the ideal opportunity to experience exactly how interactions powered by Artificial Intelligence can take place. This is according to the state in a blog post made by Chris Tam, Google’s product manager.

Google Play, which is the company’s app store has been officially banned in China along with different services like Gmail, search, Maps, and YouTube.

Some of the Google apps which still work, include Google Translate and Files Go, which is a file management app. These apps are only available on app stores for the third party, which are run by different Chinese smartphone makers which include Huawei and Xiaomi.

This brand new game is not likely to cause any upset to China’s censors given the fact that they have their presence on WeChat, which keeps on blocking sensitive content on a regular basis. The game also fits well with the country’s goal of building a $150 billion industry based on artificial intelligence.

Google has announced their artificial intelligence research center that is going to be set up in Beijing, their first in Asia.

Last month, Google had made an investment of $550 million in an e-commerce firm of China, The file management app was released in May and the app for language translation in 2017.