Certain MacBook models excluded from the defective screen repair program

Certain MacBook models excluded from the defective screen repair program


The program remains in effect for newer models with this defect.

It looks like Apple has just updated its policy on repairing MacBook and MacBook Pro with an anti-reflective coating defect, our colleagues at MacRumors report. According to the note retrieved by the American site, the Californian firm would have indicated to its authorized repairers that the program would now only concern MacBook and MacBook Pro models up to 4 years old.

An update that excludes the 2013 and 2014 models. They are no longer eligible to benefit from the free repair of their anti-reflective coating. This is bad news for some owners who have taken a little too long to go to an Apple Store or to an Apple authorized repairer.

The Californian firm had set up this repair program in October 2015, after several users noticed a deterioration of the coating of their screen. A case – known as Staingate in reference to the Watergate and the word “task” – which had given rise to numerous criticisms, as well as several petitions from injured customers.

If Apple has actually implemented a repair program, the company has never published a mea culpa on its site, opting instead for a case-by-case treatment.

Finally, if Apple has excluded certain models from its program, it has not added others. In other words, the problem would only concern the MacBook and MacBook Pro models bought in 2015 and 2017. If you notice a coating problem on your computer screen and it is one of the models eligible for the program repair, contact an Apple Store to correct the problem for free.