Netflix works on support for live broadcasts on its platform

Netflix works on support for live broadcasts on its platform


According to various reports, Netflix is ​​in the early stages of development to launch live streaming on its platform.

Netflix plans to add live streaming to its streaming platform, similar to what Star Plus owns. According to a report from Deadline, the tech company is currently working on a live streaming option for stand-up space and other live content.

Adding the live streaming option could open up the ability for Netflix to stream events live, as well as enable live voting for competition shows.

This year, Netflix tried out some live options, like its Netflix is ​​a Joke event, which was held in Los Angeles over several days and featured more than 130 famous comedians.

Netflix’s Next Strategy
After losing many subscribers and percentage points in the stock market in the first quarter of 2022, Netflix is ​​in the commercial race to recover its position.

Not much is known about the upcoming streaming option at the moment, but the unscripted and engaging content could encourage Netflix users to keep their subscriptions rather than cancel them.

Additionally, Netflix is ​​considering other ways to increase its subscriber count, including cracking down on password sharing and publishing games on its platform.