Nintendo updates its original Switch by launching a model with more battery

Nintendo updates its original Switch by launching a model with more battery


Nintendo has updated this Wednesday the Nintendo Switch, the portable console that can be used both in motion and connected to a TV, adding more capacity to the battery of the same. This will allow, precisely, squeeze the possibilities of the console when you use it away from home.

With the new revision, and as we can see on its website, the console has a range of between 4.5 and 9 hours of use (depending on the game). The previous version offered a range that ran from 2.5 hours to 6.5 hours, assuming a notable increase that will clearly benefit the daily experience with the machine.

Anyway, there is no trace, for now, of the improvements in the CPU and storage that we saw leaked a few days ago. This is because they are not represented in the official website of the company, but it will be something that we know in detail in the coming days as the new units are distributed.

Pushing portability

The revision of the original Nintendo Switch comes at a particularly appropriate time, if we focus on issues of portability, after the announcement of the Nintendo Switch Lite that left the previous console somewhat below in terms of autonomy from the more economical model. Now the largest of them return to be above, something natural because of its dimensions.

The Japanese firm now has a much more attractive catalog for new players who plan to acquire one of the consoles, with two clearly differentiated and competent alternatives in their segment for each type of use. To know the rest of the changes that come with this update of the original Switch, as mentioned, we will still have to wait.