NASA Three Apollo asteroid approaches Earth on Monday

NASA Three Apollo asteroid approaches Earth on Monday


Three Apollo-type asteroids – with orbits outside Earth’s, with which they cross at their farthest point from the Sun – will approach our planet in the following hours, as indicated by the calculations of the Center for Near Object Studies to NASA Earth (CNEOS).

The largest of these celestial bodies receive the name 2019 QZ3 and has a diameter that is around 67 meters, more than the wingspan of a Boeing 747 (59.6 meters).

That object travels at 26,876 kilometers per hour and will approach 0.02490 astronomical units (about 3.7 million kilometers) from Earth at 10:49 GMT on Monday.

The asteroid 2019 RG2, second in size of that group, measures about 20 meters in diameter, is the fastest of the three – it travels almost 80,000 kilometers per hour – and its approach to Earth will occur around 19: 13 GMT.

At that time, the asteroid will be located at 0.00350 astronomical units (about 523,000 kilometers) from the center of our planet and will exceed, although relatively not much, the 384,000 kilometers that separate Earth from the Moon.

Finally, at 21:10 GMT it will be the turn of the 2019 QY4 asteroid, 16 meters in diameter, which goes to the Earth’s orbit at 27,970 kilometers per hour and will be located at 0,00641 astronomical units (almost 960,000 kilometers) in its closest point to Earth.