Metaverse: privacy and security will be the main challenges

Metaverse: privacy and security will be the main challenges


A real-time engagement API expert company recently surveyed 300 developers in the US about the metaverse. A third of respondents said that the confidentiality of private data will be one of the most important challenges in the context of its development.

Privacy at the heart of the questions

For many observers, the next stage in the development of the Internet is none other than the metaverse. For the past few months, news has been coming out very regularly on the subject. Facebook (Meta), for example, has already designed a glove with haptic feedback specifically for the metaverse. We can also mention a mixed reality platform project in Japan involving six local cities or a project in South Korea for the creation of a national metaverse.

The metaverse therefore already exists and is developing despite the fact that part of the public is still very skeptical, even hostile about it. It must be said that this concept already concerns several parts of our society such as work, culture, sport or even online commerce. One of the main questions concerns in particular the confidentiality and security of personal data.

On this subject, the Agora platform, expert in real-time engagement APIs, published the results of a survey on April 5, 2022. Conducted among 300 developers working in the United States, this survey asked them about the challenges to be met. for the development of the metaverse. However, no less than 33% of the respondents affirmed that the security and the confidentiality of the data concerning the private life were the main obstacle to the evolution of the metaverse.

Other survey results

Among the other answers, we find the interoperability of ecosystems (12%), disinformation and hate speech (10%), the creation of a community (10%) as well as the accessibility of tools for developers (9 %). This is followed by monetization (8%), creating a currency and payments ecosystem (7%), user identification (5%) and lastly, weak hardware (5%). In addition, here are the top three sectors that the metaverse should benefit the most according to this survey: games and entertainment (26%), telecommunications (12%) and retail (11%).

When it comes to currency, 53% of respondents believe that NFTs will become the primary means of exchange in the metaverse. Additionally, 57% of respondents believe that the metaverse will be the most popular place to buy, store and trade cryptocurrencies. They are also 70% to think that cryptocurrencies and the blockchain are essential to the future of the metaverse.

Finally, if the metaverse is largely associated with Facebook (Meta), only 15% of respondents believe that this company will still have control within five years. They are also 15% to ensure that no company will ever be able to have total control.