Mario Kart Tour: multiplayer mode coming to iPhone soon

Mario Kart Tour: multiplayer mode coming to iPhone soon


After several months of beta and paid accessibility, the multiplayer mode of Mario Kart Tour will soon be available to all players. A new game mode which, contrary to what had been announced, will be offered free to players. Originally, Nintendo wanted to impose a subscription at € 5.49 per month on players who wanted to compete online.

The Gold membership is still available in Mario Kart Tour, but it will only offer bonuses and other rewards to players.

The multiplayer mode will be available in 3 types of races; private races will allow you to compete against close friends according to its own rules, standard races, ie a classic online mode, and golden races which are reserved for Gold subscribers. These allow you to compete against other players in 200 CC and to rank at rank S.

In all cases, players can compete with up to 7 other runners on one of the 33 circuits offered.

Mario Kart Tour was a huge success last year, winning the most downloaded mobile game on iPhone in 2019, even though it is not available in Belgium. It is still possible to enjoy it, we explain how here.