High blood pressure? Turn up to thermostats

High blood pressure? Turn up to thermostats


If every partner says these lines to their opposite partners with love definitely every single mind will change their thoughts. This can be a motivation but you can make it bit romantic by saying – keep a healthy heart so that we won’t be a part of this lifetime. Isn’t it sounds good? Yours I don’t know but while writing this words am literally blushing. Just think where words fail, their little bit twist in words can change so much. It’s all about our efforts for our family, beloved and dear ones. Things took in a good way when spoke up with love and care. Here before going directly to the topic let’s this what this device actually has a role in our life?

What are the thermostats?

A component which senses the temperature of a physical system and performs an action to maintain the desired point. It operates as a closed loop device that seeks to reduce the error between the desired and measured temperature. Sometimes it works for both sensing and controlling actions just as it works for automotive thermostats. It is derived from Greek words where thermos- means hot and status means standing or stationary. After long research scientists find that these thermostats can help in managing hypertension as well. Yes, we do have many types of equipment to measure blood pressure but this is quite different and you don’t need to carry from here and there, it will be placed on your home’s wall and will keep on detecting when needed. Blood pressure reading mainly is of 2 types:-

  • Systolic pressure – where the heart pushes the blood.
  • Diastolic pressure- where your heart rests between the beats.

Experts from London university survey over 4600 adults going through high blood pressure,  he suggested them to have control over their fooding along with daily 1-hour exercise, and if possible to maintain the warmth of the room at your place up to 18C ( 64.4F)to balance the body level. Blood pressure has become a common factor within youth as they are too much stressed out for their work and personal life, they can’t grip a balance over it. They don’t need an elderly suggestion, they don’t need girl’s support this all is bullshit ego, which takes them to the wrong track where there is no solution only destruction. But they can’t understand it’s only we who has to balance mind and heart to get a proper focus on life.

If you don’t have time for yourself, Means you don’t put yourself at your 1sth priority.