Intel Comet Lake: these are the new tenth generation processors

Intel Comet Lake: these are the new tenth generation processors


The Intel Comet Lake, the tenth generation low-power processors, designed for portable computers, was introduced. Manufactured in 14 nanometers, these new CPUs will share the catalog with their 10 nm brothers: the Intel Ice Lake.

The new family of processors is made up of eight models, four belonging to the Y series and four to the U series. The purpose of the Comet Lake is not to compete with the Ice Lake since while the former are somewhat cheaper and focus in tasks not very demanding, the latter was designed to obtain better energy efficiency and to be used in Artificial Intelligence work.

As for Intel Comet Lake low power presented, these are:

Y series (small notebooks):

i3 10110Y (2 cores and 4 wires / 1.0 – 3.7 Ghz).
i5 10210Y (4 cores and 8 threads / 1.0 – 2.7 Ghz).
i5 10310Y (4 cores and 8 threads / 1.1 – 2.8 Ghz).
i7 10510Y (4 cores and 8 threads / 1.2 – 3.2 Ghz).

U series (larger notebooks):

i3 10110U (2 cores and 4 wires / 2.1 – 3.7 Ghz).
i5 10210U (4 cores and 8 threads / 1.6 – 3.9 Ghz).
i7 10510U (4 cores and 8 wires / 1.8 – 4.3 Ghz).
i7 10710U (6 cores and 12 threads / 1.1 – 3.9 Ghz).

While all processors belonging to the Y series will be compatible with LPDDR3 memories of up to 2133 MHz, those of the U series will support 2666 MHz DDR4 memories and LPDDR4x memories of up to 2933 MHz.

As can be seen in the following table of specifications, the maximum consumption of the Intel Comet Lake will be up to 25 watts in turbo mode.

Among the improvements that will exist is Thunderbolt 3 technology, a standby mode that consumes less battery, support for WiFi 6 and Bluetooth 5.0 and support for the new USB 3.2.