Facebook announces VR layer using Oculus at Connect 6 conference

Facebook announces VR layer using Oculus at Connect 6 conference


Facebook has hosted the sixth Oculus Connect conference for virtual reality app developers. At the keynote, a new high-end product prototype was announced, and at the same time, it was revealed that a new VR layer using Oculus was prepared for Facebook itself.

Oculus’s Megan Fitzgerald said at the conference that a new platform called “Oculus on the Facebook” will be launched this year. Stated.

You can log in to Oculus at the same time by logging in to Facebook soon. In other words, you can access Facebook through a VR headset and experience a social network, including posting to Facebook. Users can share VR experiences with friends using Oculus as well as friends using other VR headsets, create events from within Oculus, and invite friends.

It seems that a huge VR community of Facebook size is created. In other words, Facebook features will be fully accessible from within the Oculus ecosystem! Oculus will be fully Facebook. Chat, events and other features should be available from Oculus.

A new feature called Destinations lets you share and share your gaming experience through Facebook. The broadcast function is linked to the game title itself and can be easily accessed. In other words, you can press a button in the chat to access the game, and use a headset to play VR games with your friends. The most important factor in the spread of Oculus is to minimize the effort required to achieve the objective called friction, but this is also the reason that the game starts with a single click.

The ability to login to an Oculus device at the same time with Facebook login is currently an option, but Facebook is focusing on adding new features that are only available from Oculus.