Experts warn: fruit juices should increase the risk of death

Experts warn: fruit juices should increase the risk of death


For breakfast, an orange juice, a glass of multivitamin at noon and a refreshing apple spritzer after work – if you find water too dull and soda too unhealthy, you are more likely to enjoy fruit juices.

But beware: If you drink too much, you run the risk of dying earlier.

A study published in the trade journal ‘Jama Network’ shows that pure fruit juices are just as harmful to health as limos and similar drinks with sugar.

According to the study, 350 millilitres of 100 per cent fruit juice per day should even increase the risk of death by 24 per cent.

The researchers from the US came to this conclusion after analyzing the medical records of more than 13,400 adults over many years and asking patients about their dietary habits.

Fruit juices just as harmful as soda?
There is also criticism of the researchers’ study and approach: much of the bottom line is based on the memory of their diet last year, to gauge the consumption of a range of foods and beverages.

Of course, other factors can be the reason for early death, such as the general diet, lack of exercise or pre-existing conditions. A direct connection between high fruit juice consumption and an increased risk of death does not necessarily exist.

Nevertheless, the scientists of the current study make it clear: sugar is unhealthy – whether it is contained in the juice or lemonade.

“The biological response is essentially the same,” the Business Insider cites a Harvard researcher.