Elon Musk says his pickup will cost much less than the Rivian RT1

Elon Musk says his pickup will cost much less than the Rivian RT1


The battle in the segment of electric cars is getting more stringent, and there are always new manufacturers that try to hoard a part of this market with a new vehicle. There are brands that enter through the big door, like Rivian that last year presented the RT1, an all-electric pickup that will be sold as a Premium model that seemed to have no competitor, however, the always controversial and witty Elon Musk, revealed that next year will launch its announced electric pickup and that it will cost less than 50,000 dollars.

The statement was made during an interview on the podcast of Ryan McCaffrey, where the famous billionaire talked about Tesla’s new plans, and among them he stressed that one of the brand’s projects for next year, will be to launch his new cargo van that it will have an exit cost close to 49,000 dollars. Musk said in the interview “You should be able to buy a cool truck for $ 49k or less.”

The statements of the CEO of Tesla moved the foundations of the industry. Since, if everything goes according to plan, his electric pickup will cost 20,000 dollars less than the Rivian RT1, whose initial cost has been placed in the range of the 69,000 dollars, a worthy amount to consider, although in the end other essential aspects will have to be evaluated, such as the list of equipment for each model, performance and other factors.

What we do know is that this new pickup will be quite large and is that the billionaire joked in the program — saying that “your new model would be so big that you could place a Ford F-150 in the cargo space” and although this is technically impossible, if we could prepare for a work vehicle with at least 6 seats, a range of autonomy located between 643 and 804 kilometres, and two powerful electric motors with excellent torque that can tow up to 36,077 kg.

Musk has not hidden his excitement for this new project and even advanced in the program that does not care if only a handful of people buy this model, because customers will end up very satisfied with what they get for their money. “I’m very excited about this truck, it’s something I’ve wanted to do for a long time, and I’ve sketched all kinds of designs with Franz … We’re looking for something Cyberpunk style, something very futuristic.”

For now, we have no choice but to wait until the end of the year, date in which Musk and company say they will present the final model of this pickup, as well as its equipment and its benefits.