EC support giving technology and money to manufacture vaccines

EC support giving technology and money to manufacture vaccines


The European Commission reiterated this Thursday its support for the transfer of “knowledge and financing” to other countries for the manufacture of vaccines against covid-19, especially those that, as in Africa, do not have these capacities.

The president of the EC, Ursula von der Leyen, explained that the European Union wants to make this transfer “easier” and appealed to the granting of licenses by the pharmaceutical companies that make preparations against the covid as a way to help other countries.

She also supported the training of specialized personnel and the creation of a drug agency in Africa because, she said, “vaccines must be manufactured everywhere. All of this protects us in Europe,” said the president of the Community Executive.

Von der Leyen made these statements on the German regional television channel WDR, where he pointed out that the EU has managed to recover the initial delay in vaccinations and insisted that it has not only managed to supply vaccines for its own population but also export so many doses – he said than a total of 220 million- to other countries.

The president of the EC nevertheless avoided expressing herself about the possible suspension of patents on vaccines, a debate launched by the United States and that Von der Leyen herself previously stated that it is “necessary” but that it must be given “in the long term.”

This Thursday the president of the EC insisted that the 27 have managed to distribute vaccines for their population -260 million at the end of this week- and at the same time export almost as many to other countries.

For this reason, she also made the distinction between the EU and other countries that are advanced in vaccination, such as the United States and the United Kingdom, highlighting that the 27 are “the largest exporters in the world.”