SQUID App becomes news provider for Huawei devices

SQUID App becomes news provider for Huawei devices


Huawei and SQUID App partner to benefit end users of smartphones with a better and new interface. Now, SQUID App, the news service for millennial audiences, will provide the newsfeed on the latest version of the Huawei Assistant.

Staying informed is a necessity in today’s digital and globalized world, the Internet allows everyone to connect and disseminate information in seconds. However, the large number of media and news sites, coupled with the infodemic due to the health crisis, requires selecting those media with quality and true information.

The Huawei assistant is the intelligent aid created by the Chinese company to occupy the screen minus one of the devices. This is one of the most important positions on any phone or tablet and now has new features and more customizable design. Although previous designs of the assistant won international awards such as the Red Dot Award 2020 and the International Forum Design Award 2021 for Best User Experience.

The collaboration with SQUID App allows, in addition to the new functions and customizable designs, to activate the newsfeed. SQUID App, developed by Njuice AB, a Stockholm-based company, is one of the booming apps with news from the world and Latin America. With world leaders in the market as well as local, regional and international media, you can get personalized news.

Johan Othelius, CEO and founder of SQUID, mentioned in a statement to NotiPress “SQUID provides the most important and trending news from leading publishers around the world. It is a great cooperation with Huawei to provide our news service to young people. today and we are happy to now have an important place in our newsfeed with the great redesign of Huawei Assistant. ”

To activate the Huawei assistant in configuration the path is Settings> Main screen and wallpaper> Main screen settings> Publications> click HUAWEI Assistant TODAY. In the case of the app’s newsfeed, swipe right to HUAWEI Assistant> Click on the image / avatar “me”> Publications> Sources> click on SQUID News.

Through the redesign of the Huawei Assistant, users will not only have a more dynamic and personalized way of occupying the space minus one of their smartphones. They will also get a newsfeed with the most relevant news as if it were the SQUID app available in Latin America.