Tips to take advantage of Telegram during this back to school

Tips to take advantage of Telegram during this back to school


In Mexico, the return to classes will be carried out in a hybrid way due to the increase in the number of infections by Covid-19, as indicated by the Ministry of Public Education (SEP). Faced with this situation, digital communication platforms will continue to be one of the essential elements to continue learning by using them as tools. Most of them were convenient and useful in the past school year, thanks to their diverse and available systems.

However, among the cons, there are connectivity failures due to saturation, in addition to requiring a large connection capacity, the need for more robust equipment and even paying for its use in some cases to access more functionalities. For these reasons, there are other alternatives in simpler applications, with easy access from mobile devices and with functions capable enough to allow adequate interaction.

In this context, NotiPress carried out an investigation, in which the Telegram messaging platform stood out for its large number of effective tools. Among these are group video calls, which allow up to a thousand participants, video sharing functions from any type of device and the opportunity to share screen with other members.

There is even the possibility of teaching online classes from the application, making use of voice chats when starting them from any group. In addition to allowing you to record these audios or group video calls to share them with all those absent during the sessions.

Telegram also developed the ability to save all types of files such as PDF, Word, Power Point and Excel documents, among other formats. Similarly, the files will be stored in a folder created within the application without occupying device memory. Likewise, the social network has channels to which users can subscribe according to their preferred topics. These will connect the student with information about the subject they are studying and one can also be created between students and teachers to share additional references.

It should be noted, not only Telegram and digital communication platforms are implementing changes that adapt to the new methods of education caused by the pandemic. Recently, experts in technology services pointed out that 60 percent of stationery stores will use digital advertising at the back to school. Likewise, online or hybrid education, from a social point of view, means greater access to information and the promotion of continuous training, according to experts.