SpaceX unmanned spacecraft 'Dragon' launches

SpaceX unmanned spacecraft ‘Dragon’ launches


The unmanned spacecraft of the private company SpaceX crew dragon left for the International Space Station (ISS) on Saturday. The aircraft and rocket making company launched the 4.9-meter long yacht at the Falcon 9 rocket from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. The man has been sent to this autobiographical statue named ‘Ripley’ with this vehicle. On successful trials, the American astronaut will fly on the crew dragon to space. The trial of American Space Agency NASA and SpaceX owner Alan Musk is very important to succeed.

After the closure of the American Space Shuttle Program in 2011, NASA relied on Russia’s SoUz Yan to send its astronauts to ISS. NASA gave spacecraft and Boeing to $ 6.8 billion to make spacecraft carrying astronauts. This is the first time NASA has contracted a private company to make spacecraft. Under this, SpaceX has launched the Crew Dragon. After 11 minutes of launch, the vehicle separated from the rocket. After reaching the ISS, it will be tested for about five days.

American astronauts Annie Mack Klein and Canada’s David St Jacques will inspect his cabin. It is estimated that the return of this vehicle back to Earth on March 8. There are many sensors in the soul-laden statue sent with SpaceX’s crew dragon war. Before the launch, Alan Musk tweeted the picture inside the vehicle, in which the replay is also visible. Sensors have been installed at the place of his neck, head, and spinal cord. It will be able to know how the astronauts sitting in the yachts will feel like they are leaving.