In 2025, the growth of VR will be greater than that of other media

In 2025, the growth of VR will be greater than that of other media


Virtual reality (VR) is the subject of significant development, although it has not yet completed its deployment. According to a report, this technology will be at the heart of stronger growth than other media sectors by 2025.

Excellent growth
Virtual reality experiences are on the increase, as evidenced by the latest innovation offered this summer by the National Museum of Natural History (MNHN): Virtual Arctic Expedition. This technology is also the subject of several studies regarding its effects. For example, researchers in the United States recently explained why the perception of time is slower in VR than in reality.

As noted in a July 5, 2021 press release, the PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) network released its Global Entertainment & Media Outlook 2021-2025 report. In this document, we learn that the virtual reality market achieved an overall turnover of 1.8 billion dollars in 2020. According to forecasts, the growth of this same turnover will remain around 30%. per year. By 2025, VR is expected to generate no less than $ 6.8 billion.

VR still a little shy
PwC explains that the growth of VR has been boosted by the entry into the market of smaller, lighter weight headsets that are also more affordable for consumers. In addition, this growth is also the result of an increase in content available in HD. In addition, you should know that the video game sector remains and will remain the spearhead of this growth. Nevertheless, the report mentions a larger part concerning the presence of virtual reality video. Let’s also talk about standalone VR headsets, whose expectations will triple by 2025. This market share will grow much more than that of VR headsets connected to a computer.

However, the report estimates that while the growth of VR as a whole is excellent and unmatched, the weight of this technology is still rather modest when we consider the overall video game industry. Indeed, the new generation of consoles as well as social and casual games represent no less than 60% of the market, with revenues expected to approach $ 195 billion in 2025.

Finally, let’s talk about game sales, for which digital will remain dominant. By 2025, computer game sales will be 99.8% digital. As for the sales of physical media on console, they will go from 48.2% to 35.5%. In the case of VR, the sale of games has always been digital. Indeed, only the PlayStation VR is concerned by the sale of physical games.