coronavirus explosion of cases in Italy, Iran and South Korea, France is preparing, update on the epidemic

coronavirus explosion of cases in Italy, Iran and South Korea, France is preparing, update on the epidemic


Europe is increasingly worried about a rapid increase in coronavirus cases and a third death in Italy. Iran is also experiencing an explosion of cases and concern is mounting. France is also trying to prepare by increasing its reception and testing capacities.

China’s most serious health crisis
According to the South China Morning Post on February 24, 2020, the latest report shows 78,979 cases for 2,467 deaths. However, more than 23,000 patients have been discharged. According to a Chinese study, 80.9% of patients suffer from a mild form of the disease, 13.8% are in a serious condition and 4.7% are in a critical condition. In mainland China, the death rate is now 3.07%.

According to Chinese President Xi Jinping, this is the country’s most serious public health crisis since 1949. He also argued that the Covid-19 epidemic is spreading the fastest, most difficult to prevent and control since the creation of Communist China. The head of state hopes that the country will learn from the obvious gaps in order to better manage possible future crises.

What’s going on in Italy, Iran and South Korea?
This Sunday, February 23, no less than 52,000 people living in 11 municipalities in northern Italy were subjected to “semi-containment”. Residents are now in areas where entry and exit can only be done with special permission. Many gathering places (schools, supermarkets, bars, etc.) have been closed until further notice and citizens are asked to stay at home. We should also mention the postponement or cancellation of cultural and sporting events, including the famous Venice Carnival. In the evening, Le Monde reported a third death in the country for more than 150 cases!

In Iran, people are also witnessing an explosion of cases. On February 22, we mentioned this country where 28 cases were recorded. According to L’Obs on February 24, there are now 43 cases with 8 deaths. According to the mayor of the capital, Tehran, the entire city (8 million inhabitants) will be quarantined if the number of cases increases further. In addition, most of the neighboring countries have closed their borders. This is the case for Afghanistan, Pakistan, Turkey and Iraq.

With 169 new cases for a total of 602, South Korea is now on high alert. Of the new cases, 95 are linked to the Shincheonji Church of Jesus in the city of Daegu, from which the first patient from this new center of infection came. While in the country there are 300 patients linked to this sect, 9,300 other members have been quarantined and 1,240 of them are showing symptoms.

France is preparing
As Le Parisien explains, Minister of Health Olivier Véran spoke about the Covid-19 epidemic. After the explosion of cases in neighboring Italy, concern is mounting. If to date, 38 health facilities were able to accommodate people affected by the coronavirus, this number was raised to 70 as of Monday, February 24. In addition, the capacity to carry out screening tests has increased threefold.

Finally, the government is planning a massive order for tens of millions of protective masks. However, these are not surgical masks but professional quality FFP2 masks, intended for close contact with infected people and only effective for three hours.