Suicide survivor gave life a second chance with Historic face transplant

Suicide survivor gave life a second chance with Historic face transplant


What’s wrong with today’s youth? They are becoming more and more complicated day by day; this generation can’t even tolerate 50% of sadness or heartbreaks. In this world everywhere every day many people are committing suicide why? Just because they don’t have the power to face stress, heart-breaks, emotions etc. Life doesn’t end here guys, life never serves you only the petals of roses, and it comes with the thorns as well. Like you can’t earn money without working, the same way you can’t realise what is life all about, without facing any storm. Things get smooth only when you tend to come up with it, only when you think it’s not an end, here is not pause, it gets to rewind and forward then only the PlayStation of the journey becomes bearable. We know in today’s date there is no more loyalty in relationships, by which we are assuming the increase in suicide level resulting for heartbreaks, not only girls many boys, In Fact, lose their lives in this. At that point the victim find it best to get relief from all pains and all, but what about the result after that? What about its family, his/her life, career, future or education? Do we live in this world only for relationships? Money, career, education, the family are not a part of it? Thus, life gets to end with this? Is this the only solution? I would personally say a big NO, why I said no will discuss at the conclusion.

Let’s see what happened to Katie Stubblefield a girl in the U.S committed suicide at the age of 18:-

She was only at the age of 18 when she devoted self-immolation with a rifle, this is totally ridiculous. At the age of 18, how people can even dare to shoot themselves? She shooed herself but struggled for 3 years in the hospital badly. She had gone through many surgeries and most importantly doctors decided to undergo with face emigrate when she turns to 21 at least, it’s not about her life, it’s now was doctor’s responsibility to save her life. Though she was just 18 when she solicits suicide, doctors feared to treat her, so they gave her slow medication till 3 years then finally decided to go for it, this reconstructive surgery went on Cleveland Clinic in the US. This surgery can genuinely give her utilitarian life anew, but if she doesn’t come up from her inner grief- This new life will be of no use then. She has to accept this new face; new life and sight of the new world, where she needs to stay strong and live with a positive attitude. If she is getting a 2nd chance she should feel blessed, as others rarely get this chance. If you getting it makes it worth it. Her story got a narrative attention in National Geographic affairs, baptize with The Biography of a Face. Why go through so much Medication, pain and loss of money for artificial life, if you can decorate your real life with your positive thoughts.

If someone is stupid enough to walk away, be smart enough to let them go. This is my answer for saying a big NO above this, if you think giving up is a revenge for that person who broke you, you are a big fool than, rather than slap them with respect by being so successful in your life, that they literally regret losing you. This will be the most important feedback for every loser, make your pain your strength, not your weakness, and allow your pain to polish you, not to chew you.

If the world is half of suffering, then definitely is half of overcoming as well.

Death is not the greatest loss in life; it is what dies when we are alive.