In the last book, Stephen Hawking said - It is possible that the destruction of the Earth

In the last book, Stephen Hawking said – It is possible that the destruction of the Earth


A recent collection of his articles and essays has been published after Hawking’s death. Its name is ‘Brief answers to the big questions’ (small answers to big questions). Several important issues related to earth and our lives have been answered in this book. From the dangerous climate change to the invasion of the aliens, this great scientist has many such things that can come true later on. The special something is that optimists may be scared of these predictions of Hawking.

Parents will design themselves and their children

Stephen Hawking predicts that the technique of genetic editing will give rise to a new race of superhuman (superhuman). People will be able to find a particular quality by editing in their genes. Or you can leave any evil. Or you can eliminate any family sickness. But the new species, which will be ready through it, will be a species that will be able to design themselves better. Which will make this species very rapidly by itself, making advanced human species. By which ordinary people will prove to be weak and will end.

A new kind of computer will leave human beings behind humans

In 2017, Professor Hawking had said about AI (Artificial Intelligence) from Wired Magazine, ‘The jin is out of the bottle.’ They were scared that Artificial Intelligence would bring out a species that would leave humans far behind. After this, humans and robots can stand face-to-face. If it happens, then humans will be proved to be 19 in front of the thinking robots.

We will have to settle on the other planets and solar systems as soon as possible

This theoretical physicist believed that to remain in the world for a more extended period, it is necessary for humans to have authority over other planets and other solar systems. He has said that it is probably the remedy to spread more and more in the world, which can save us from ourselves. I fully believe that we will have to leave the earth. They thought that this would be because the resources of the earth would prove to be decidedly less soon for its population. Stephen Hawking stated this at the Norwegian Science and Arts Festival.

Acid rain on the planet

Hawking’s concern was also about climate change. Which grew after Donald Trump became President in 2016. Hawking said to the BBC after pulling Trump’s Paris agreement, “This trump can push the earth into the brink of waste. It can be like a planet of Venus, which will be 250 ° C and sulfuric acid (Dangerous acids). “

If Alien comes, then ours will be the same thing as the native inhabitants of America.

They also thought that if the people outside our world are in contact, then the results will not be good. In 2010, he told the Discovery Channel, “If the aliens come here, it will affect us more as the Collins had reached America, it was not good for local Americans.” That is, Hawking was saying that the arrival of aliens on Earth would end up in the same way as the native of America ended after Columbus arrived there.