Heart expert says- parents to be alert and to cut down the screens for their kids

Heart expert says- parents to be alert and to cut down the screens for their kids


Who doesn’t miss their childhood? I guess everyone out there, whoever is reading this now will definitely miss their childhood as we go deep inside the topic step by step. We all are growing so steadily that we can feel the absence and presence of a few moments and time we already have passed through. We will not go today to our ancestors place, we will go back to our childhood today, when we were having so much to enjoy our period and to make memories and capture them for long-term basis in our heart, that today also you can close your eyes and can feel them to heal your loneliness in today’s time. We at the age of 2-12, around 30 years back- had only 1 choice to entertain ourselves as well as our parents- it was just by playing with them, playing in sand with our buddies, etc. but moreover the most important part was- when dad used to make us practice for cycling from our 3 tier mini cycle to 2tyre Scotty. Those were some magical moments which have now been replaced by today’s smartphones, computers, iPad, laptop and video games many more it would be.

Today’s parents are Stuck with their job’s and in the charm of money- forgetting about feeding right values to their kids, which is a basic need for them that has to be served with love and care from childhood only. They have handed over their kids to the maid or else to upcoming gadgets which can destroy their future as well as health. You will never be able to see any kind of 21st century playing outside and mother is trying to go around and feed them food, all this children’s have been got spoiled by their parent’s only, who gave them mobile phones in their hand at the age of 2 to feed them with their comfort sitting inside the air conditioner rooms, children’s right from their birth should be given every natural feeding of nature- sun rays, sands to play, open fresh air to breath etc. to make them strong from inside to face every hurdle of their life. We as parents should need to stay concern about the things we provide our child with.

Nowadays each and every child uses screen-based gadgets and machines to make themselves busy by focusing their eyes widely in those big bright screens for about 8-9 hours daily on their routine basis, which is not at all good for their future and health, if not corrected now at the right stage of life – they as well as you as parents will also regret not making them understood. Many children are getting high power glasses in their eyes from age of 6 which is really not fair, many are getting depressed, irritated who when you try to take off them from their addiction, why this happens have you ever tried to give a thought? No, please spend time with your kids, and make them comfortable with your presence so that they can’t feel the absence of those gadgets which are harmful to them, which has snatched away their beautiful sleep from them as well.

Parents, it’s all about you how you want to present your child. Give good things to their fresh minds from childhood don’t ruin their childhood.

A child takes what he/ she observe,

A child does what he/ she feel,

They copy you, so be the pure original that comes up with an exact copy of yours.